Persian Gulf wars
Korean War
Cold War
World War II
World War I
Spanish American War
Civil War
War of Independence

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Open Friday-Saturday
10am to 4pm and
Special Occasions
Group Tours by appointment

  • 002
    The museum contains artifacts from many different countries and wars
  • 003
    Muster Roll Company C 4th Minnesota-Vicksburg Campaign 1863
  • 004
    Manhattan 36 Cal. Navy Pistol carried by Nicholas Verret in the Civil War
  • 005
    WWI German Pickelhaube (helmet)
  • 006
    Browse exhibits from many different countries and conflicts
  • 007
    WWII German items
  • 008
    Interesting World War I display
  • 009
    Private Helebrant’s WWI uniform and his framed photo
  • 010
    Items from the three Gulf Wars
  • 001
    The entrance to the museum on Bush Street in downtown Red Wing